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[14] chenzhen20160524 24.05.2016 04:07 Odpovědět

"“On game day, we’ll do egg whites and gluten-free pancakes — just to get the carbs in there — turkey sausage, avocado, fruit. We’ll do a big breakfast, so I can burn the calories all day. Once game time comes, I’m already fuelled and ready to go.” That’s what the Raptors’ Kyle Lowry told us a while back, when we asked what he eats for breakfast. And now, ahead of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, we’re uncovering the secrets of this breakfast of a champion. Gluten-free pancakes: Typically gluten-free flours (rice flour, tapioca flour and potato starch) are low in fibre and are absorbed rapidly. That beats a high-fibre carbohydrate, which increases digestion time, delaying the speed at which glycogen reaches the muscles. Also, grains that contain gluten (wheat, barley and rye) contain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed and can cause gastrointestinal disturbances in some people — not a distraction you want when you’re squaring off against LeBron James." "Fruit: Plenty of carbohydrates are needed for fuel before the big game. Fruit is a better choice than vegetables for this situation — more carbs and less fibre. Turkey sausage and egg whites: These are great lean protein alternatives (compared to beef or pork sausages and whole eggs), which will keep the muscles and gastrointestinal (GI) tract happy. When muscles work intensely, there’s competition between working muscles and the GI tract. The top priority for the body is to digest food, which will limit the blood supply to muscles, resulting in quicker fatigue. Fat takes three to five hours to digest, so Lowry doesn’t want an excess of it before the big game. Avocado: The avocados provide a healthy monounsaturated fat and help ensure Lowry gets enough calories before the game — an athlete at his level should be consuming a breakfast that contains between 750 and 1,000 calories. (Lucky him.) Read more about: Kyle Lowry"

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[12] zyf 28.03.2016 08:37 Odpovědět

Sixties of last century, the country airmax.misblac­ vigorously carry out the „four clean-ups“ movement. High Shukutoku (a pseudonym) armed militia under escort, relying on Jiefang cargo bed side door, with his wife and children gallops on to cooked Ping road. Didi wife weeping, weeping all the way. Yao airmax.shoesou­ flute son sitting on the pole (pick burden) on. Trillian sister sat on a big burden. Burning sun, they are drying of the asphalt. Cicadas in Chinaberry, wildly shouted: „Iglesias, Iglesias .......“ Nim rivers (place names), along the road and on the loess. Roadside steep, overgrown trees and foliage. Squirrel tilted long tail on the pine watchful family. Yao flute glanced small squirrel, with inadvertently amused. Sister readily raised, shake off toward the woods, scared small squirrel floor and fled.Minoru car along winding river supra.shoesou­ canyons on the slowly flowing streams, beaches issued ooh ooh water ring. Of highway covered with small bluestone roadside tung oil tree, neem tree tall and lush, falling car only sparse sunspot.Gao, a pedestrian, after noon departure of bumps along the way, to commune cooked Ping, West Ramp sunset already. By „commune“ arrangement, Gao was sent to the poorest village Rovon ancient sheep brain team. Commune from sheep brain as well as more than ten years old, a man dragged his exhausted body, to continue their way on foot, arrived before dark ancient sheep brain. Shukutoku captain told, the team also idle bullpen. Fortunately, the captain had notified the abandoned old threshing barn with bamboo mat child, covered her round. Flooring a layer of straw new turn. Just shop straw, dried and scattered, with shares of Chen grassy. Gao whole family, tired, covered with grass to carry the batt. No kerosene, no hot water, lie down asleep. Wei Yao flute, think of yesterday the company still work today so suddenly reduced, making it difficult to fall asleep. The bullpen nike.shoesoutlet­ is frame structure, the old Fang is still drying, they have not shut the cattle, and only a little dry cow dung smell, so the taste is not very strong.Moonlight radiopaque bamboo mat child, shone round about the bullpen, such as airhuarache.sho­ coated milk in general. Yao flute simply out of the bullpen. Shenzhen ditch where the water gurgled flowing, buzz sound. Moonlight under the trees, overlooking the pitch-black as whirling ghost. Mountain breeze to the day's hot, drop a bit warm. Yao flute grief from the heart Chung yesterday, or „Big Brother“ (workers), today suddenly became a little brother (farmers), Life is full of ah, my heart is inevitable that some stuck. Yesterday in the warm living quarters, today has entered the bullpen. Called round cricket, field frog downtown, one after another, it seems to Gao Jie Feng welcome home, welcome open. Cowshed, his father snoring ooh uggaustralia.mis­ ooh, like a frog crickets best appreciation. Col, flour raccoon occasionally hear sounds, scary. Yao returned to the bullpen flute, lie down fully clothed, and so everything dawn to say.

[11] leilei3915 25.03.2016 04:17 Odpovědět

2016–3–25 leilei

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RE: Spurs
andconcisedis­course.„Of course!“ I said flatly, a rare opportunity it ?????? location next to him and then sat down.He took earplugs, press for a moment MP3, said:. „It.“ „I sing“ big city small love"Ok."Sunset light orange sauce through the glass, sporadic hit the desk, on the books, on the floor, a circle halo shining watch. As time unusual and alights on the sound pointer, tick, tick.He sing again............. Late black hair into a circle / wrapping all your love / detour translucent face / mouth Speak no deception ............ let me out loud to you say / I'm thinking of you / that you return the ticket stubs as a souvenir, do not be afraid to face parting ............Re­member the discussion which singers nice that time with you? You say: JJ's voice how so clean, the feeling is difficult to sing. At the moment but I think your voice more clear, gentle, like a spring, like the moon, like the wind.(Fives)After finished the exam, I did not see Yang Fan. Later, I heard that he moved out.The youth dream petals fall, gradually, all gone. Then later, I had a lot of the same table, compassionate, cute, smart, but no ............ Yang Fan.Not that good-looking slender fingers Yang Fan, do not bake delicious purple sweet potato Yang Fan, no unreserved open up to me the Yang Fan, do not sing to me gently in the world ??????Yang Fan is still rotating as ever , but less Yang Fan.ow many people many things, like when you put the disc pressed the fast-forward button, only to catch a glimpseof passing shadow, and even sound are not; some people, some things, in order not to forget, we put up memories of the tower, and once once open arms, jump fall.A year later, at a friend's space to see your photos, that the United States Xi Shan Xi teenager. I heard the voice of spring, I saw a green prairie, like a sea.Xie Xienong.Because Lennon, shut down at the memory, a mood and the sun beat yo slowly growing. Prosperous Seoul, opened the door to another world, we ran back, only to glance at the past time. Today, the road is still unknown, missed have missed, to be cherished walk in hand, to embrace it? Not sure. If the meaning of travel or for ignorance, it has not grown, and now slowly understand life, understand their own, but also a better understanding of every trip is accidental in the inevitable, it should be tried and true, happily , full full.If the youth is really a dream, flash in the pan – may not be afraid, would like to enjoy, willing calm; please cherish, hold, please happiness.

[8] 221 08.03.2016 09:28 Odpovědět

brizb 20160307zhenhong

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zejo takz mi to nejde srcove

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